Artisans Support Programmes

The Mission of the Small Industries Development Organization (SIDO) is to create and sustain indigenous entrepreneurial base through promotion and support to the development of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Priority if given to productive sector that contributes to wealth creation. SIDO, since its establishment in 1973 has strongly committed itself to support people centered development programmes including grass root communities, which contribute to poverty reduction through of creation of job opportunities and income generation.
SIDO seeks to lobby government departments and decision makers to raise awareness of the needs of the artisan sector.Central to these communities are the ARTISANS (Fundis in Swahili) whose traditional skills have been passed down through generations.An artisan is defined as any skilled person producing tools, products or delivering technical services at grass root level using appropriate technology, through application of traditional and cultural techniques and values. The artisan sector includes blacksmiths, tinsmiths, carpenters, tailors, shoemakers, pottery workers, plumbers, ceramics, masonry and mechanics etc.
The Artisan Support Programme objective is to promote and develop artisan’s skills and activities with special emphasis on youth, women and disabled people in rural areas. The Programme works mainly with toolmakers and tools users in particular carpenters, builders, blacksmith, tinsmiths, mechanics and tailors.
Services offered include:-
Training to develop
Technical skills for product Development and of production processes
Business Management skills
Entrepreneurship skills
Facilitate establishment of Artisan Associations aiming at towards  sustainable networks.
Facilitate acquisition of working premises, working tools & equipments
Assistance in marketing of artisan’s products through exhibitions and Trade Fairs.
Through.such opportunities they also demonstrate their cultural and traditional skills and values.
Assistance in linking them to access finance services
Collaboration with other local as well as international organisations that promote and develop artisans.
SIDO has branches in all 21 Regions of Tanzania Mainland. SIDO Arusha Regional Office currently serves Manyara region. Each Regional Office has a Technical officer who is responsible for promotion of artisan activities. SIDO Headquarters supervises and coordinates implementation of artisan support programme at regional level.
The Artisan Support Programme targets artisan groups in rural areas and especially youth, women and disabled people.
Participation in Trade Fairs and Exhibitions allows the public to experience the range and quality of artisan products produced locally. They also provide an opportunity for the artisan to demonstrate their cultural and traditional skills.
SIDO is actively promoting linkages between corporate sector and SMEs, and encouraging innovation of products with good quality and finishing. In few cases working premises are provided. SIDO is a partner of Tools For Self Reliance UK that provides working tools to 12 regions including Mwanza where TFSR – Cymru gives Support to LAZOA (Lake Zone Artisans).
TFSR has assisted SIDO over 20 years by providing kits of refurbished hand tools from UK. TFSR is also working in Mozambique, Uganda, Sierra Leon, Ghana and Zimbabwe countries. We do share and exchange experiences from time to time.
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