Credit Management Training (CMT)


SIDO Manyara has conducted a one day Credit Management Training (CMT) to 89 SMEs located in Babati District. Among them 41 SMEs were Male and 48 SMEs were Female. The CMT included several topics such as Entrepreneurship, Family and Business, Record keeping and Financial Management matters. Furthermore, several stakeholders were invited in this training including TRA and NMB Bank PLC. 

The following were learnt by SMEs in this training:- Meaning of entrepreneurship, who is an entrepreneur, what are the characteristics of an entrepreneur, the relationship existing betweet business and family, how to keep records, how to manage business on financial matters, Types of Taxes, payment of taxes e.c.t 

SIDO Manyara is expecting to disburse 95M to almost 100SMEs for the period of April - June 2018.