POTENTIAL INVESTMENTS IN MARA REGION 1. TARIME DISTRICT MINING SECTOR : Gold mining at Tagota and Kenyamanyori villages. These areas are owned by village’s government. - RECOMMENDED INVESTMENT - Gold processing industry. INDUSTRY SECTOR: 100 acres of land at Remagwe village have been set aside to set up a factory for Roasting Coffee and Tea. The area is surveyed and is owned by Tarime District Council. RECOMMENDED INVESTMENTS i. Coffee and Tea factories ii. Agro processing industries (maize flour processing industry), food processing industries using fruits (mangoes, avocado, bananas) iii. Beef Processing factory iv. Cooking oil refineries like sunflower 2. BUTIAMA DISTRICT MINING SECTOR: Gold at Buhemba, Nyakiswa, Nyanza, Isaba, Sirorisimba and Majimoto. These areas are owned by villages government. RECOMMENDED INVESTMENTS. i. Gold processing industry AGRICULTURE SECTOR: The area of Ikongo along Mara river basin about 15,000 ha are suitable for rice and sugarcane plantation - The area is surveyed and no investment in place. RECOMMENDED INVESTMENTS i. Sugarcane processing industry The area of Ikongo along Mara river basin about 15,000 ha are suitable for rice and sugarcane plantation ii.Textile industries All wards in Butiama district deal with cotton cultivation (Cotton plantation) . iii. Sunflower processing industries. The area of Buhemba has grown sunflower, few local investors and some institution are practicing sunflower processing 3. SERENGETI DISTRICT MINING SECTOR: Gold at Ring’wani, Kilimafedha and Ikorongo - These areas are owned by village’s government. RECOMMENDED INVESTMENTS i) Gold processing industry ii) Chalk making industries AGRICULTURE SECTOR Busawe and Kenyamonta wards (11,685ha) for sugar cane plantation & Sunflower - The area is owned by villages government but not surveyed RECOMMENDED INVESTMENT i) Sugarcane processing industry ii) Sunflower processing industry 4. MUSOMA DISTRICT MINING SECTOR: Gold at Nyarufu, Seka, Ekungu, Murangi,and Kataryo villages - The area is surveyed and owned by villages Government. RECOMMENDED INVESTMENT i) Gold processing industries AGRICULTURE SECTOR Bugwema farming site of about 2000 Ha, The area is suitable for crop farming including rice, maize, vegetables, fruits, sugarcane and aquaculture.The area is surveyed and owned by Mara Region Secretariat RECOMMENDED INVESTMENT i) Agro –processing industries like rice processing, ii) fruit processing industry, iii) sugarcane industries, 5. BUNDA DISTRICT MINING SECTOR Iron mining at Nansimo village, copper at Igundu village and gold mining at Kinyambwiga, Nyaburundu and Bulamba villages. The area at Nansimo village is owned by Bunda District Council while the other areas at Kinyambwiga, Igundu, Bulamba and Nyaburundu are owned by respective villages Government. RECOMMENDED INVESTMENT i) Iron Ore mining industry ii) Gold mining iii) Porcelain manufacturing industry iv) Chalk making industry AGRICULTURE SECTOR Kirumi harmlet at Tairo village along Ukerewe road about 5 Km from Bunda Town centres. About 3173.6 acres of land have been set aside for Export Processing Zone Area. The area is surveyed and clear for investments to take place. It is owned by Export Processing Zones Authority (EPZA). RECOMMENDED INVESTMENT i) Gold processing industry ii) Textile industry iii) Meat and Beef processing Industry iv) Milk processing Industry v) Iron and steel processing industry. vi) Fish industry vii) Cooking oil refineries. viii) Animal feed industries. ix) Skins and Hides processing industry 6. RORYA DISTRICT AGRICULTURE SECTOR Utegi Dairy Farm of about 5000ha is suitable for dairy farming and milk processing industry. RECOMMENDED INVESTMENT i) Sunflower plantation Post feasibility study is needed for new investment at the area. ii) Milk processing Industries iii) Sunflower cooking oil processing industry iv) Cassava flour processing industry
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Weight-loss is really a want that lots of want to accomplish. Despite the fact that it's one among their top rated resolutions for that New 12 months and a part of their every day plan, they never meet it. It could be that lack of time is a concern, or even inspiration is lower, or it might just be basic laziness. Please read on for some wonderful weight loss tactics if you wish to start dropping weight the correct way. hair
Don't go the diet program shake path. These types of foods have got a shocking quantity of calorie consumption, all while failing to meet yearnings for true food items.` You'll be cranky and starving immediately after, rather. They likewise have a lot of glucose that may boost blood flow sugars and raise unhappiness. escenico! An excellent way to drop some pounds is usually to go hiking inside the fantastic outside the house. This should help you enjoy the stunning outdoors while losing weight also. The greater number of challenging you make the hike, the higher the caloric burn off.

Firms like Jenny Craig offer further fat burning plan possibilities. Not only do they have got people there to back up you, they also have a lot of sources such as dishes sent to your house. Provided you can pay for the extra money, these agencies can be a intelligent investment.

It is essential that you history the unhealthy calories you intake every day. You can do this by checking the energy ingested at every meal and computing your day-to-day calorie demands. Realizing how many calories you will be eating in comparison to exactly how much exercising you are carrying out allows you to adapt your consuming habits to lose excess weight.
When you now know, more and more people would like to get rid of some pounds but simply do not undertake it. Time limitations or from many different different factors, this can come about as a result of laziness. Regardless of the explanation, don't allow it to help you get straight down. Utilizing the advice using this report, you can start a fat loss prepare and complete it.

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