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Kinshaga food products is the Company founded by a Sokoine graduate students who was successful guaded by SIDO Mogororo through graduate support programme and SUGECO for him to achieve its goal. His name is  Elia Wiston Kinshaga, a Tanzanian young man born on 16/01/1989 at Musoma in Mara.
Kinshaga Food Products & Companies is the company focusing on a single product line of pineapple with two main activities which are processing and distributing of all pineapple products; dried pineapples, pineapple biscuits and will keep on developing various pineapple products for company expansion in different places in Morogoro and other nearby Regions. Production and distribution is done in both retail and wholesale ways so as to get customers at all levels.
The company  is purchasing pineapples as the main raw material from local farmers  from Kinole and Matombo (Morogoro rural) and  process. Also but in future the company will have to provide pineapple organic farming programs to local farmers in order to ensure constant supply of pineapples to the company. This company is the focus on develop many products as possible from the pineapple using it as a main raw material without using any preservatives or artificial additives. The main technology used in processing activities especially dried fruits is tunnel and greenhouse solar driers and solar oven for bakery.
Kinshaga pineapple has sequared market in regions such as Dar-es Salaam and Dodoma as well as in Arusha and Kilimanjaro. This is due to the fact that there is no any chemical and/or preservative applied to any product that leads to improving nutritional statuses hence good health and zero hunger.
Kinshaga has been a great success in providing employment opportunities to graduates, youth and women in the region. There 5 permanent workers and 7 casual workers.
Through this company local farmer has increase yields that automatically facilitate trading activities hence economic growth as well as industrial development.
With development of this company drip irrigation in greenhouse farming reduce the clearing of land for farm fields the thing that will help them as farmers to copy with climatic condition as well as reducing impacts to climatic distortion. This will have addressed to several sustainable development goals.

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