MUVI Programme

Rural Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise (RMSMES) is a programme commonly known as Muunganisho wa Ujasiriamali Vijijini (MUVI), it was initiated to support the Government in poverty reduction strategy, which broadly aims at transforming Tanzania’s agriculture based economy into export & market led, competitive semi industrial but still largely agriculture based economy.
MUVI programme is the results of the Government second phase poverty reduction strategy commonly referred by its Kiswahili acronym MKUKUTA, the programme is strongly supported by donor communities including IFAD. The MKUKUTA context as well as that of Millennium Development Goal (MDGs) triggered the IFAD’s country strategy and opportunities paper that conceived the idea of MUVI.
SIDO under the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIT) coordinates and guides the programme while actual services to participants (beneficiaries) are being provided by private consultants.
The goal of the program: -
The goal of the programme is to support value chain to deliver sustainable margins to produce and thus increase their incomes and reduce poverty.
The goal focused to increase incomes of primary value chain actors as well as permanent and casual labor employees.
To increase in permanent employment due to increase number of RMSMEs.
Purpose of MUVI: -
The targeted rural entrepreneurs (including the rural poor, women and youth) have improved skills, knowledge and access to market, technology, extension services and other business development services in order to increase household food security and cash income.
The target groups of MUVI: -
Rural micro enterprises, mostly owned by economically actives poor households including women and youth as well as households with chronically ill, disabled & HIV/AIDS affected members.
 Small farmers and fishermen with potential to produce and sell their products to processing enterprises.
 Rural economically active poor households with available workforce to seize increasing employment opportunities in improved chairs.
Programme areas
The programme include six regions namely Iringa, Manyara, Mwanza, Pwani, Ruvuma and Tanga
Selected value chain include
  • Sunflower – Iringa, Manyara, Mwanza, Ruvuma and Tanga.
  • Cassava- Ruvuma, Pwani and Mwanza.
  • Livestock - Manyara.
  • Fruits: Pwani – Pineapple & Mango; Tanga – Citrus; Iringa – Tomato.
Five Value Chain Implementing Partners
  • M/S Business Care Services – Iringa
  • M/S University of Dar Es Salaam – Manyara
  • M/S Price water-house coopers Ltd (Mwanza & Ruvuma)
  • M/S  TISCO Associates (Pwani)
  • M/S Match Makers Association (Tanga)
  • One Media Implementing Partner: M/S Africa Image Production
MUVI Programme Co-ordinator
SIDO Headquarters,
Mfaume Road, Upanga
P.O. Box 2476,Dar es salaam
Tel     +255-22-2152276
Mobile: +255-754-487797