One District One Product (ODOP) Strategy

One District One Product (ODOP) is a District centred value addition development approach for poverty reduction. It was adopted from the One Village One Product (OVOP), a community centred development approach initiated in Oita Prefecture in Japan in the 1970s. With an overall goal of poverty alleviation through empowerment of communities, the approach is designed to assist groups and communities to achieve sustainable economic growth, to empower them to create wealth/jobs and utilize local available resources in their respective areas through industrial promotion. 
In the Tanzanian context ODOP focuses on promoting enterprises engaged on product development through value addition by maximizing the resources available in a particular district and facilitation of market access for income generation and community pride.
The Value addition is enhanced through facilitating processing, quality control and packaging, which enables the products to perform well in the market. Implementation is being done collaboratively by the farmers, processors and the Local Government Authorities as main beneficiaries, and technically supported by SIDO and other stakeholders.