A project to empower women participating in Agriculture in Singida Region

SIDO Singida in year 2014 collaborated with Helvetas Swiss Interco operation and Community Development and Relief Trust (CODERT) and prepared a proposal for strengthening smallholder Producers’ vegetable production and marketing (Horticulture value chain). The project is financially being supported by the European Union (EU).
Implementation involves three main partners Helvetas, SIDO and CODERT and in collaboration with other stakeholders namely LGAs of Singida Rural, Mkalama and Iramba District Councils, HOT Tengeru,  ASA, Water  for Third World (W3W), AVRDC and Ministry of Agriculture. Vegetable producers are involved in the project to fulfill the value chain of horticulture products intended.
The project is implemented through 100 vegetable producer groups and the main aim is to increase agricultural production, development and trade in view of economic development and reduction of rural poverty in Singida Region and at national level (Tanzania) by strengthening value chains linking smallholder Producers to markets.