SIDO team with Canadian Volunteer Advisor visited bakery during extension services for ensuring the bakery is aligned with minimum accreditation standards, hygiene and sanitation for long term sustainability. The bakery operating team has received training on food processing, marketing and basic financial record keeping. The bakery is producing 150 loaves of bread with average price of Tshs 1,800/= per each. The total sales per day is Tshs 270,000/=. The total income per month is estimated to Tshs 6,750,000/=.

This small scale industry for edible oil processing and paddy, its machines were developed and installed by SIDO Shinyanga technical team. SIDO Shinyanga provided machinery, know-how (transfer of technology), and BDS training. The team was ought to provide efficient industrial extension services as one of the most important forms of assistance offered by SIDO Shinyanga. This monitoring visit was made primarily oriented towards servicing existing production capacity. It was concerned with improving the organization of production and the technologies of both products and production processes. The overall objective was to improve efficiency and increase production, quality and product design. The industry has capacity of producing 500Ltrs/day with price of 1,200 per liter. The average projected income per month is Tshs 15,000,000/=.

The leather processing activity in Luguru started with leather tanning of cow hides and goat and sheep skins into wet blue leather for crafting. Some quantity of skins is processed into finished leather and crafting for local market. The youth groups make use of local tannery for leather processing. It currently employs 17 youth directly and 13 indirect in the Region. The monthly turnover of the group is about Tshs 320,000/=. The group is undergoing expansion by adding more tanning drums and other machinery so that it can increase its production which is expected to increase turnover to Tshs 920,000/= per month by the end of 2020. The income has improved livelihood of the group’s members and contribute to Region economy.