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Destoner Machine occupies an important place in the seed treatment procedure. At Tinytech Udyog, we manufacture Destoner machines which give best functional usage with high performance. Destoners are used during the seed cleaning process to remove unwanted materials like stones, sand, glass, metal pieces and other foreign particles.Generally, all the agriculture produce comes directly from the Farms and Soil. So there is every possibility that some solid particles may be present.

Destoners are used in oil mills in order to fully eliminate the presence of such undesirable materials. The working process of destoners is very simple. Air is forced through the materials with the help of the pressure fans, which are located in the body of the machine. This separates the heavier material from the lighter ones.
Destoning helps in increasing the purity and quality of the seeds, which then further increases the quality of the oil that is extracted from these seeds. These machines are used for cleaning all sorts of seeds such as Soyabean, Mustard Seeds, Rape Seeds, Groundnuts, and Cotton Seeds etc.

Technical Points of Stone Destoner Machine:

Model Shredder Capacity Electric Motor Power Supply
A-DEM 1000 Kg / Hour 2 HP Motor 3-Phase / 1-Phase
B-DEM 2000 Kg / Hour 3 HP Motor 3-Phase

Model Shredder Capacity Electric Motor Power Supply
A-DEM 1000KG/HOUR 2HP Motor 3-phase/1phase
A-DEM 2000KG/HOUR 3hp Motor 3-Phase

Salient features of TINYTECH Destoner Machine:-

• Gives high degree of accuracy.
• Air flow and feed rate can be easily controlled.
• Eliminates dust problems.
• Compact in size and easy to use.
• Useful for varied applications.
• Low maintenance for long life and smooth operations.
• Improved drive and thrust.
• Can be Delivered along with the Oil Machinery.
• Unique in design and appearance.



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