At Independence, Dodoma Region was a part of What was the Central Province. In 1963 Dodoma Region wa established after separation of Singida and Dodoma Regions (The two were part of the former Central Province).
At its inception the Region consisted of the three rural Districts of Dodoma, Kondoa and Mpwapwa. Later on, the Urban District of Dodoma made up the fourth District. In 1995 Mpwapwa District was divided into two Districts namely Kongwa and Mpwapwa which made up the fifth District in the Region.
In 2007 Dodoma Rural District was Divided into two Districts of Bahi and Chamwino. This made up the sixth Distric, In 2012 Kondoa District was Divided into two Districts namely Kondoa and Chemba which finaly made the Region to have Seven Districts. .

Land Area and Administrative Units
The Region has a total land area of 41.311sq. kms. making it the 12th largest region of Tanzania Mainland out of 20. Some 5% of the Mainland is in Dodoma Region.

Population size and growth.

Like Most Regions in Tanzania Mainland, the population of Dodoma Region has experienced a significant growth. The Region had 2,083,588 people in 2012 compared to 1,086,748 inhabitants counted in the 2002 Census. The Region represented 4.8 percent of the total population of Tanzania Mainland which was 43,625,354 in 2012. the projections for 2016 put the Regional population at 2,407,597 out of which, Females account for 51 percent of the population.

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