Income generated by MUVI beneficiaries during the Majimaji Selebuka Exhibition 2016

 Songea – Mississippi (SOMI): The Sponsor of Majimaji Selebuka Exhibition 2016

1.1 Brief history and description of Songea-Mississippi
Songea-Mississippi (SOMI) was registered as a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) in Tanzania in 2007 with its head offices based in Songea municipal area. As anNGO,SOMI seeks to build relationships and exchanges between Tanzania and the United States by focusing on building direct bridges between Songea and Mississippi in the respective countries. SOMI's mission is to build capacity in the Songea area by working to support meaningful efforts in the area of education, culture, sport, and small business. SOMI aims to help Songea become a place with excellent educational and economic opportunities and a vibrant environment for culture and sport.

1.2 Majimaji SelebukaExhibition 2016
The first annual Majimaji Selebuka exhibitionwas held in Songea from 28 May 2016 to4 June 2016. The goal of the exhibitionwas to offer opportunities tolocal residents and others to demonstrate and enjoy their skills and efforts in the areas of culture, sport, education, and promote small and medium businesses. This year's exhibition included a competition of traditional dance, road races for runners and cyclists, a school debate, and a small and medium trade fair for localproducers/processors.

1.3 Income generated during the Majimaji Selebuka Exhibition 2016
The MUVI programme’s beneficiaries displayedproducts worth TZS 1.4million duringthe exhibition and managed to sell some of them for a total of TZS 488,400over the four days i.e. there was an average sale of TZS 122,100per day.

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