At the end of the programme participants will be able to understand how to make the leather goods and crafts manufacturing,Selection of materials and characteristics of leather and trainees to engage in business by making and producing various items with good quality from leather tanned by themselves.
Module Name: 
Leather Goods and Manufacturing
Module Details: 
1.Introduction to leather (Leather defeat and quality of leather) 2.Selection of materials. 3.Types of leather working machines. 4.Simple tools and equipments. 5.Operating of sewing machines. 6.Making simple belts. 7.Making A4 folders. 8.Making Diplomatic bags. 9.Making Wallets. 10.Making School bags 11. Making Sandals. 12.Making Shoes. 13.Making key holders and phone cover.
It will be participatory/facilitated in Swahili or in both English and Swahili, Group work,Presentations,Individual work etc.
Specific Client Targeted: 
Graduate of leather tanning course, shoes makers,leather dealers and cobras.
Programme Fee: 
TZS 300,000/= per participant (fees,food and stationeries)
Duration of the Course: 
3 weeks