Mushroom farming

The following are the items needed if you want to farm mushrooms:

1. Substrates.

2. Sword.

3. Nylon for covering the table.

4. Big table.

5. Mushroom seeds.

6. Shed for farming the mushroom.

7. Plastic bags which is capable to carry 3 - 4 Kg of substrates.

8. Big pan for boiling substrates.

9. Rope for tighting plastic bags.

10. Stand for keeping boiled sustrates. This is built by using sticks or bamboo.


Those items listed above are the main needs for farming mushrooms. Now how to farm you must need a training on the farming skills.

The aims of training these skills of mushroom farming are: - 1. To get healthy food in the whole year without waiting raining seasons. 2. To create employment to women and youths because this farming needs very small capital and crops are obtained in very short time. 3. To train recycling uses for farm wastes. 4. To reduce environmental damage by using wastes. 5. To get mushrooms which have got enough vitamins. 6. To reduce deaths due to using poison mushrooms.
Training Course: 
Module Name: 
Mushroom farming
Module Details: 
The module has about three sections as follows: - 1. Preparation of shed to be used for farming mushrooms. 2. Preparation of substrates, this include boiling the substrates. 3. Putting substrates in plastic bags. 4. Sowing seeds in plastic bags. 5. Save plastic bags in a dark room for 2 - 4 weeks, then sway the plastic bags on the shelf.
Method of training is theory and practical.
Specific Client Targeted: 
New mushrooms farmers.
Programme Fee: 
Tshs. 150,000/= per each participant. ( This is fee and stationary)
Duration of the Course: 
Two weeks.