Mwenyekiti Workshop Success Story

Mwenyekiti workshop is owned by Kassim Selemani who is 40 years old. Mwenyekiti workshop deals with manufacturing of different types of machines like maize huller, maize sheller, groundnut huller, sunflower oil extractor and repair various machines in operation from various food processing units in the region as well as carpentry units, The workshop is located at SIDO Industrial area in Songea Municipality.

The main customers for the workshop are Food processing start up and existing expanding firm in the region, Machinery and machinery equipments sellers mostly in Mbinga town and Songea municipal and Mozambique traders access machinery for their country, average of 3 machinery is taken to Mozambique per month. Following  opening of Mkenda International Market Mwenyekiti workshop is planning to have branch at this international market in order to be close with the buyer from Mozambique.

Mr. Kassim always remember SIDO Ruvuma efforts from different trainings, guidance, access to credit, Participation in exhibitions where his products started to receive different orders from shops and gradually gained popularity in Songea and Mbinga districts and finally to Mozambique, linkage and inclusion in various programm like Business Development Gateway where he won up Tsh. 4.8 millions as grants for improving his firm and from there he increased manufacturing units equipment and number of employee from 2 to 5 employee and 4 trainees.

He intent to become the best machine manufacturer in Ruvuma and southern region and serve the market needs of small and medium processors and is now thinking of his project expansion as to get new area for his industry where he can manufacturer and arrange/display his products in better ways.



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