Located at Dar Es Salaam, this company manufactures various flexible packing materials such as co extrusion 3 layers, P.P. extrusion, mono layer extrusion, co extrusion for milk pouches, co extrusion for shrink-wrapping, and HDPE extrusion for shopping bags. State of the art technology multi-colour flexographic printing machineries from Europe are used to print on LDPE, BOPP, metalised BOPP, paper, P.E. Paper in full color process, meeting international standards.


The Laminating machines laminate in various combinations of BOPP, BOPET, metalised BOPP / BOPET, aluminum foil, paper, PE. Omar Packaging Industries is the producer of milk pouches in rolls, shrink-wrapping in rolls, LDPE sheeting in rolls, LDPE carry bags, HDPE shopping bags; laminating for detergents / soaps, biscuits, confectionery, potato chips & snack foods, rice, sugar, peanuts; LDPE / HDPE /PP bread bags, bags for feminine towels, LDPE water pouches in rolls. Most of the products produced by Omar Packaging are used captively by the sister concerns.

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