Paddy thrasher

Agro & Food Processing

The machine is able to thrash and sieving to get the cleaned products. The source of power used to run the machine is diesel engine and that it is portable as a mobile mechanism to fulfil the the expectd objective.

The processing of the machine

  1. Make sure the machine has full of fuel before use.
  2. Make sure all parts are intact.
  3. Make sure the paddy is dry during thrasshing.
  4. Start the machine and leave for five minutes before looading the padds.
  5. Continue feeding padds slowly up to the end of the work.
  6. Switch off the machine and collect the thrashed padds.


Raw Material used

The raw material for the machine is the harvested and dry paddy.


Specifications of the machine

Weight: 25kg

Dimensions: 1m wide x 1.2 length x 1.3 high.

Power: Diesel Engine (7 HP)

Capacity: 5 Tonnes per day




Mobile: +255 783 365918




TDC Iringa
Paddy thrashing