Name of the Enterprise is Tulia Enterprise, P.O.Box 441, Mobile 0753-232197.

Tulia Enterprse is the Poltry farming owned by Tulia Edward Kiswaga aged 41 years old, started business with 200 eggs chickens on 2012 with 1 employee. She was collecting 5-6 trays of eggs per day selling at Njombe town.

In 2016 received Entrepreneurship and Poultry keeping training. Though the acquring Entreprenuership skills enabled her to changing the way of doing business.

In 2017 SIDO Njombe linked her with Tanzania Local Entrepreneurship Development in which being supported to acquire market opportunity through attending Southern zone SIDO Exbition on 2017 where later streghern to increase more sales through link aging to market of her product to other regions out of Njombe.

In 2017 the Enterprise manage to secure 3,000,000 as short term loan from SIDO Njombe which helped the Enterprise to increase number of Chickens from 200 to 1200 and to manage its operational expenses by acquring chicks feedings. The owner is paying the loan as the agreed time fram.

Currently, Tulia Enterprise create employment 4 for people, where 3 are women and 1 is male. The Enterprise increase the sales from 6 trays of Eggs to 26-30 trays of Eggs per days.

Tulia Enterprise is planning to expand her business by investing to Animal feed  Milling Mashines. The Mashines will be given as grants by Tanzania Local Entrepreneurship Development(T-LED)  in which the Enterprise will contribute 40% and 60% will be from T-LED program. This investment will help the Enterprise to produce its own chicks feedings and also selling to other Poltry keeping.

The owner managed to send her 3 chidren to better school and colleges and even expassion of her business.


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