Power Oil Ghani


The Power Oil Ghani Machine refers to the process of mechanically separating oil while crushing and pressing the oil seeds using only the application of pressure. There is no addition of heat and other chemicals during the process operation. Our Tinytech Power Oil Ghani Machine is best suitable for expelling oil from different oil seeds such as white sesame seed, black sesame seed, almond, peanut, coconut etc.The percentage oil extraction in the power oil ghani is slightly low as compared to the mechanical oil expellers. But the advantage of this machine is that the, power oil ghani gives purified oil with better aroma and fragrance. The output oil of the power oil ghani is very superior in terms of quality and health aspects for consumption.
By using a Tinytech Power Oil Ghani Machine, the natural structure of the oil is maintained along with all its natural characteristics. We manufacture various capacity Power Oil Ghanis having different designs and unique characteristics.

capacity Power Oil Ghanis having different designs and unique characteristics.
Distinguished features of Tinytech Power Oil Ghani
• It is a compact machine with reduction gear box.
• Pestle and mortar are so robust that there is practically zero-maintenance.
• Low temperature pressing technology.
• Oil processing through this cold press machine has high nutritional value and therapeutic value.
• Best use of simple and natural technology.
• Pressure increasing device through heavy spring and screw.
• 4 different attractive models as per the customer needs.
• Minimal shipping dimensions
Different Available Models for our Power Oil Ghani Machine

Model Input BatchCapacity Electric Motor Application and Uses
SAN Around 10kg/Batch 2HP Motor Making sani sweet
SANBIG Around 10kg/Batch 3HP Motor Making sani sweet
A-10 Around 10kg/Batch 5HP Motor Oil extration
B-20 Around 18 to 20kg /Batch 7.5 HP Motpor Oil extration



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