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Nutrition flour is food product which helps people to have good health.

It is mixer of five different products which are Soughum, Maize, Soya, Rice and Groundnuts.


Sunflower oil filter

After extraction of oil from seeds the next process is process is filtering in order to remove residures. At this level of process the oil can be packed and consumed. The shelf life of this product is estimated to be 4 to 6 months. The filtering machine has capacity of 120litres per hour and it is powerd by eletrical motor of 10Hp. This technology cas be sourced from SIDO TDC Iringa.


Sunflower oil settling tank

The settling tank is a special container used for storing and settling crude sunflower oil after being extracted. This process makes the some of residures collected at bottom and easy to be removed. After removing wastes from crude the next process is  filtering.


Sunflower oil extractor

Extraction of oil from sunflower seeds is always done by sunflower extractor. It is a process of squizing seeds up to the point of making oil coming out from the seeds. At this point oil is at level of crude which need further process of sieving before consumed. This machine has a capacity of extracting 80litres per hour and it is powered either by electrical motor of diesel engine of 20HP.


Sunflower seed distoner

In processing of sunflower oil,  first process is separation of seeds from other resedures. This process is done by distoner which has mechanism of separation of wastes from seeds. The capacity of this machine is 300 kg/hr, and it is powered by electrical motor with 5hp. This technology is sourced from SIDO Mbeya Technology Development Centre.



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