Celina Chibanda is an entrepreneur located in Iringa Region, she use MATEGEMEO VEGETABLE as a business name and CHI PRODUCTS as the main name of the products currently she is processing peanuts, Garlic, Soya and nutritious flour. Celina started entrepreneurship in the year 1998 by starting small business by baking cakes and nuts packing, during this time she was employed

In 1999 Celina met her fellow woman who was selling mangle-pickle, Celina become more interested in food processing business, she asked the woman, that woman told Celina that she have been trained by SIDO.

During the year 2000 Celina trained on food processing by SIDO, from there she started making peanut butter. She said whenever she heard there is a training she was dedicating her time and came for the training.

Celina got more experience in entrepreneurship where by in 2001 she decided to quit the job and become fully engaged in entrepreneurship. Celina used employment bonus to boost her capital also during this time family members engaged in the business.

In 2006 Celina introduced Celina to EADB loans which were offered through SIDO, through this load she bought a small blending machine, and then in 2009 she participated in the BDG – grants programme where she got Tsh. 4.8m as grants, through that money she bought another bigger peanut blending machine. 

In 2011 SIDO offered Celina Tsh. 2.5m as a NEDF loan, through that money she bought peanut pealing machine

During the year 2015 Celina offered by SIDO Tsh. 3.5m as a NEDF loan, through that money she bought machines for blending peanut and garlic

Celina took another NEDF loan worth Tsh. 3.5m from SIDO in 2017, through this money she did renovation of the building with the aim of assuring that she meet the requirements of the TBS and TFDA

This year she is expecting to get a Machine which can process peanut from pealing the nuts up to the stage of packing. This machine will be provided by the T-LED project which is implemented by SIDO

She said that SIDO supported her business to grow and now her products are well recognized in the marked in the regions of Dar es Salaam, Dodoma and Mbeya. Currently she have 5 permanent employees

SIDO supported Celina on the process of acquiring TFDA and TBS mark. 

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