Small Industries Development Organization (SIDO), has conducted a three-weeks training (April 6 to 24, 2021) for Trainers of Trainees (TOT) who will be providing various consulting and training services to Tanzanians and entrepreneurs. The training was attended by 52 participants from various regions of mainland Tanzania. The training was conducted at SIDO offices located in Vingunguti - Dar Es Salaam.

The guest of honour at ceremony was  Eng. Prof. Sylvester Mpanduji (Director General of SIDO). He congratulated  participants for graduated and bing professionals in multi manufacturing skills. The training was conducted in theory and practice from various experts specialized in different  manufacturing skills of processing wine, juice, peanut butter, all kinds of liquid soaps (hand washing, laundry, dish washing and toilet), cold and hot bar soap (medicinal,  laundry, baths etc.), skin lotion/cream and hair steaming, baking of various products, yoghurt, cheese, pickles and many more.

In the speech of the trainers highlighted various challenges they face including the lack of markets for products produced by entrepreneurs due to imported one and requested the government to put in place a plan to prevent imported goods especially those produced in the country. They also pointed out the challenge of not having a permanent place to produce products thus making many entrepreneurs fail to access certificate of standard offered by TBS. The trainers promised to be good ambassadors for SIDO in their areas of origin and to provide the skills acquired to reach more people in urban and rural areas.

The Director General was pleased with the way the trainers came from various regions of Tanzania to participate in this important training. He recommended the trainers to ensure that the skill received will make changes to processed products if many entrepreneurs will acquire and contribute to reducing a challenge of post harvesting especially agricultural products. He added that 60 percent of processed food products came from abroad. This will only end if the skills obtained is disseminated to the majority of Tanzanians hence enlarge market share of Tanzania made processed products in the market

He urged entrepreneurs to continue to follow various production procedures offered by TBS, BRELA, OSHA etc, to enable products produced to access domestic and foreign markets. He also addressed the issue of loans which has been hampering the activities of entrepreneurs and said, now a solution has been found after many banks offer low interest loans including Azania and CRDB banks.