Singida Region is located between 30 and 70 latitudes south of equator and 34 to 35 longitudes east of Greenwich. It covers 49341sq equivalent to 6% of Tanzania mainland.
The total land area is 1,334,400 hectors. It bounded by Arusha Region in north, Dodoma to the east, Mbeya and Iringa to the south, Tabora to the west and Simiyu North West.
The Region has six administrative districts ; namely Singida Municipal, Singida, Iramba, Manyoni, Ikungi and Mkalama Districts councils with six ecological zones characterized by flat with plains dissected by many seasonal streams, A gently undulating plateau with isolated hills, undulating flat and broken by occasional small hills, low rainfall, low variable and unreliable rainfall and undulating areas with occasional insellberg. These ecological zones are favorable and potential for different economic activities.
The local economy is predominantly rural with 95% of the population engaged in Agricultural, livestock, Natural resources, mining and small and medium industries.
The region has population of 1,370,637 people. Annual growth rate is 2.3%; where by household size is 5.3 people. The climate is favorable for agricultural with un average temperature between 15 to 30 centigrade’s. Rain fall ranges between 5mm to 8 mm. The Region has GDP growth rate of 6.2%.

1. Investment Opportunities in Agriculture Sector
Potential areas for investment in Agriculture include:
• Oil seeds production (sun flower),
• Supply of agriculture inputs
• Supply of farm implements
• Agro- processing industries especially sorting and packaging industry for onions.
• Irrigation farming by construction of irrigation.
2. Investment Opportunities in Industrial Sector
         Agro-processing industries especially in the following:
• Oil milling industries- from sunflower and groundnuts.
• Human food processing industries - maize, sorghum and millet milling,
3.  Investment Opportunities in Livestock Subsector
• Meat processing:
• Milk processing
• Tanneries: 
• Chicken – Meat processing industry
• Animal feeds.
• Animal services and pharmaceuticals:
• Livestock Auctions markets:  
4. Investment Opportunity on Building of Fish Ponds.
5. Mining sector.
6. Education Sector.
7. Health Sector.

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