Juma Omary Hiki is a nature of  Mtipa Village in Singida Municipal. He comes from a poor family with agriculture back ground.
He has studied up to standard seven. Due to severe poverty Juma was not able to continue his education.
He started working in a private Carpentry work shop on a daily wages. Due to a low income of his family he decided to take up income generating activity to support his family financially.

One fine morning he approached SIDO SINGIDA for seeking financial assistance, the credit officer of SIDO SINGIDA counseled him to apply loan under individual lending scheme, As per the credit officer   suggestion he applied for a loan under individual scheme  amounted to Tsh 1,000,000/=.
During the training period, a long with credit management skills he also learned elementary book – keeping, pricing, marketing management and customer relationship management  (CRM ) and facilitated on tendering. He also advices on business registration and registered BRELA.

After completion of the training programme and received the financial assistance of second loan of amounting Tsh 2,500,000/= for the aim of expanding his workshop and buying some carpentry tools  he established his own Carpentry  workshop known as
‘’ NGUVU KAZI Carpentry work  shop ‘’  Juma   was able to develop his plot for construction of a good house with 3 rooms.  
The session on self confidence and business opportunity guidance boosted his self confidence. His offset carpentry is now running very successfully. “I am highly indebted to SIDO SINGIDA”. Juma has employed 3 people permanent and 5 temporary. His monthly turnover is Tshs. 1,950,000/= and net income is Tsh. 580,000/= per month. He thanks SIDO SINGIDA for his   present status in the society.