Technology Transfer

Technology transfer/ Transferring of technology is the process of transferring skills, knowledge, technologies, methods of manufacturing, samples of manufacturing from developers to other institutions/SMES to ensure that scientific and technological developments are accessible to a wider range of users who can then further develop and exploit the technology into new products, processes, applications, materials or services. SIDO is mandated to transfer technologies from local and international developers to local manufactures and users so as these technologies can catalyze establishment and growth of small industries in the country. Technologies which are transferred by SIDO are always indicated in web portal so as stakeholders can get aware on them.

A Coconut Shredder is used for the Fresh Coconuts. We manufacture and export complete Coconut Shredder and Coconut Shredding Machines which are best for industrial uses and multiple applications. Our Tinytech Coconut Shredder is specially designed by our company for all the people who are looking for an electric type coconut shredder. It works on the nominal power of 0.5 HP electric motor.All the equipments of the Coconut Shredder are manufactured at our factory. The material of Construction is Stainless Steel Grade. This Coconut Shredder is further tested in our factory for satisfactory working and performance and our Tinytech Coconut Shredder can grate coconut into very fine shreds.The speed and design of the machine is highly appealing. It can shred the coconuts very speedily. Only 1 operator is required for the entire shredding process. The output from our Shredder machine will be the uniform shreds of fresh coconuts. This can be used further for coconut milk extraction as well.
Destoner Machine occupies an important place in the seed treatment procedure. At Tinytech Udyog, we manufacture Destoner machines which give best functional usage with high performance. Destoners are used during the seed cleaning process to remove unwanted materials like stones, sand, glass, metal pieces and other foreign particles.Generally, all the agriculture produce comes directly from the Farms and Soil. So there is every possibility that some solid particles may be present.
this machine is used for milling differents types of dried herbal leaves,barks and spices such as Cadammon,Cinammon,Dried Ginger,drid garlic etz.
Herbal and Spice Milling Machine.
The Power Oil Ghani Machine refers to the process of mechanically separating oil while crushing and pressing the oil seeds using only the application of pressure. There is no addition of heat and other chemicals during the process operation. Our Tinytech Power Oil Ghani Machine is best suitable for expelling oil from different oil seeds such as white sesame seed, black sesame seed, almond, peanut, coconut etc.The percentage oil extraction in the power oil ghani is slightly low as compared to the mechanical oil expellers. But the advantage of this machine is that the, power oil ghani gives purified oil with better aroma and fragrance. The output oil of the power oil ghani is very superior in terms of quality and health aspects for consumption. By using a Tinytech Power Oil Ghani Machine, the natural structure of the oil is maintained along with all its natural characteristics. We manufacture various capacity Power Oil Ghanis having different designs and unique characteristics.
The technology of Tomato sauce processing is one of the vital technology for farmers involved in Agriculitural activities especially hortcultural.