Training Course on Processing Jackfruit products

Jack fruit as a largest fruit in Tanzania. It is farmed mainly in the coastal area of Tanzania. Jackfruit can produce more than seven products, and some of these are: -

1. Jack fruit pickle.

2. Jack fruit Jam.

3. jack fruit squash.

4. Jack fruit wine.

5. Jack fruits yrup

6. Jack fruit chips

7.  Jackfruit chocklate

To enable processors to know products which can be processed from Jack fruit, to learn methods of processing and how to preserve them.
Training Course: 
Module Name: 
Products which can be processed from Jack fruit
Module Details: 
1. Cleanliness and safety of Jack fruit products. 2. Control of Jack fruit products quality 3. Equipment required and not required in processing Jack fruit products. 4. Theory and practical training in Jack fruit products processing. 5. Packaging Jack fruit products. 6. Cost and price setting
Method of training is all participation and practical training
Specific Client Targeted: 
New processors and processors of long time in the food processing sector.
Programme Fee: 
TZS. 100,000/=
Duration of the Course: 
One week