To tan hides/skins into leather with proper utilization of available raw materials(hides/skins).
Module Name: 
Leather Tanning Technology
Module Details: 
1.Introduction on Hides and Skins. 2.Definition and composition of skins/hides. 3.Sources and uses of skins. 4.Good treatment of skins from live animal to slaughtering in abattoir. 5.Preservation Method. 6. Storage quality and defects. 7.Grading. 8.Preparation of working tools. 9.Preparation of lime liquor. 10.Different methods used during tanning. 11. Testing if bating is successfully. 12. Introduction of tan yard. 13. Fining yard-fat liquoring ,setting out, drying ,staking, glazing and round selection. 14. Trouble shooting. 15.Environmental issues.
Mixture of participatory method of training and Group discussions and intensive practical exercise.
Specific Client Targeted: 
Leather stakeholders,entrepreneurs who are willing to establish industriesin the leather sector and existing entrepreneurs who are in the line with the leather related products.
Programme Fee: 
TZS 300,000/= per participant (fees,food and stationeries)
Duration of the Course: 
3 weeks