Watermelon Jelly

Watermelon Jelly is processed from watermelon juice. Other contents needed in making watermelon jelly are: -

1. Watermelon juice.

2. Sugar.

3. Green ginger

4. Pectin.

5. Citric acid.


Processing of watermelon jelly has no any difference from other jam processing. The existing difference is only the contents.

To enable food processors to know how Watermelon Jelly can be processed
Training Course: 
Module Name: 
Watermelon jelly processing
Module Details: 
Module details are: - 1. Cleanliness and safety of watermelon jelly. 2. Equipment's required in processing watermelon jelly. 3. Theory and Practical training. 4. Packaging watermelon jelly. 5. Calculating cost and price setting.
Methodology of training used is Participation and practical training.
Specific Client Targeted: 
New processors and processors of long time in the food processing sector.
Programme Fee: 
TZS. 100,000/= per each participants. This charge is for two products of the same type, but different raw materials, and this is for fee and stationary.
Duration of the Course: 
One week.