Mkoa wa Shinyanga


Geographical Location
Shinyanga region is located south of Lake Victoria at 20 to 160 kms from the shorelines  forming part of what used to be known as the Sukuma land. The region lies between 31 and 35 Eastern longitude and between 2 and 3 Southern latitude. It makes part of the Lake Zone in the Western part of Tanzania. In the eastern part, the region borders the Arusha region, to the south Tabora region, to the west Kigoma region. To the northwest is Kagera region and in the north the region borders Mwanza region. On the eastern boundary there is the Serengeti National Park. The western and southern parts follow sand river courses and lakes.


According to National Census of the year 2012, the region has a total population of 1,534,808 people.The main indigenous ethnic groups are the Sukuma, Nyamwezi, Nyiramba, and Nyantuzu. Others, who form the minorities are the Taturu and the Sumbwa.


Reasons to Invest in Shinyanga
 A climate suitable for both tourism and agriculture
 Peace and political stability that offers a safe environment with low crime rates.
 High growth potential.
 An inexpensive and trainable workforce
 A source of skills in the local education institutions
 Transport links with other regions and proximity to neighboring countries (Kenya, Uganda,
Burundi, Rwanda, and DRC.)

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